Getting the most out of Panic Selling

In a situation where the price of stocks start declining at a rapid speed along with high volume sell off leads to panic selling. This mostly happens when investors are forced to re-examine the intrinsic value of the stock, or when the price of the stock is forced down enough to cause persisting stop losses by short term traders.

The occurrence of such a process provides big opportunity to start long term positions for the bottom- fishers especially when the factor behind the occurrence is speculative or non material in nature. Panic selling has been discussed below along with a model provided to judge the right time to take the long position, after panic selling takes place.

Stages of Panic Selling

There are several phases involved in a panic selling process. In the first phase the price of the stock is observed to decline rapidly on high volumes because of several factors. The second phase observes sudden high volumes where sellers and buyers try to take control of the trend.  Low follow up volume trend is taken by the winner. If no change is observed in the second phase then there is a possibility of the occurrence of a substantial reversal (short or long term) in another high volume point which generally takes place in the third phase. Until the establishment of a trend of long term backed by confirmation of fundamental or technical factors, the same process continues. [click to continue…]

Day Traders Guide For The Right Approach To Trade

It is important to understand every aspect of an investment so that a good amount can be made and this rule is followed by all good investors. It is the trend of trading volumes to increase at the beginning of the day and towards the day’s end. If you are the type of person who [...]

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Oil and Gas Unit Investment Trusts

The mid-2000s saw a price hike in energy resources which was the main reason behind investors getting attracted towards the gas and oil industry for profit and aggressive growth. Most of the investors took advantage of the various natural resources and energy equities, mutual funds and Exchange-Traded funds and made huge profits, but there are [...]

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Three Psychological Aspects That Affect Trading

Most of the trader’s are completely unaware of the existence of some problems that affect them the most. There are certain tendencies that are inherent in the human behavior which affect trading and still most people are unable to notice the exact cause. Here is a brief overview of three human tendencies which might prove [...]

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What Does CrowdFunding Mean To The Investors?

For all the businesses that look for options as a source of fund for their business would benefit a lot from the JOBS Act that provides a wide range of opportunities. Rather than looking for credentialed investors or applying for loans, businesses can look forward to the public for their finances. This concept was brought [...]

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How To Use Meta Trader 4 To Analyse Forex Trades

MetaQuotes Software developed the trading platform known as Meta Trader 4 for CFD’s or contract for differences, future markets and forex online trading. Commonly known as MT4, this trading platform can be downloaded from or through other forex brokers available online. Resources and tools offered by the MT4 could be used to manage and [...]

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Should You Buy ETF or Stock?

After you are done with research on an attractive sector thoroughly, you may feel like having some stocks and an ETF or Exchange Trading Funds that matches your criteria. The decision lies in your hand whether to go for ETF’s or stock. Investors face this question on a daily basis. Some of them are of [...]

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